Photographs of Recent Events in the Parish

The Little Lambs Planting - 27 march 2017

It's time to grow seeds at Little Lambs. We all liked the watering best....of course!


Little Lambs Preparations for Mothering Sunday.  Sparkling flowers on a card made using a stalk of celery!

Our Little Lambs were 'Buzzing' today (7 March 2017)

Monday Mums - Monday mums with their young children using the soft play equipment, funded through the truro Diocese (February 2017).

Little Lambs - "New life in Spring" - February 2017

Photos of the art work by the Little Lambs....leaves and hand painting to show new life in Spring. The tree on the board is great!
The story of the birds, the squirrels and their nuts in springtime  was also illustrated by the Little Lambs  leader.

LITTLE LAMBS made poppy plates to say thanks you to the men who gave us our freedom