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The service for the Women’s World Day of Prayer, held at St Mary Methodist Church and arranged by the Christian Women of the Philippines was a very joyful service.. The service focussed around an artwork by Rowena ‘Apol’ Laxaman-Sta. Rosa a 32year old self-taught artist. The picture showed the contrast between the beautiful islands giving bountiful crops for all and the changes brought about by modern industry and stark buildings.


The service was entitled “Am I being fair to you” and we were challenged on many issues to think of the way they have to survive and whether it was fair or not. The reading was of the farmer who paid all his workers the same wage whether they worked the whole day or not, proclaiming to those who complained that if he wished to be generous, it was his money to be generous with.


The way of life for many living in the Philippines, especially for women, would not be considered fair here. The music was lively and it was good to know that this service was being sung all around the world in the 24 hours of Friday 3rd March.


St Piran’s day dawned with a howling gale and black skies, and heavy intermittent rain. However this did not stop us from having a good congregation at St Mary’s to celebrate the occasion. We displayed our St Piran Flag over the pulpit and some small flags with Cornish daffodils in the porch and began the service with the Hymn to the Cornish Saints written by Miles Brown. Fr David had done his homework and used his new found knowledge of St Piran as the theme for his sermon.


Because of the howling wind and despite our prayers and visits up the ladder to the tower, the heating would not work, a hazard when the wind is in a certain direction. It was quite cold, but like the stalwart Cornish folk that we are, we went for the whole sung service and even gave a rendering of Trelawney at the end. Poor Joy at the organ, despite being in a state of frozen animation, managed to keep playing! Everyone dived for a cup of coffee to warm themselves up at the end of the service and seemed in no hurry to go home, perhaps it was the lure of the saffron buns Lorna had made, they were delicious (I still cannot see the need to put butter on them though, that was not Cornish in my upbringing!)


The attendance at the Lent Course “Receiving Christ” has been up in numbers making up for the effort the Leaders put into preparing each week, especially as the run up to Easter is a really busy time for them. This year with Fr David and Jules, priest of St. Blazey, Luxulyan and Boscoppa, the leaders are not as stretched as last year and can lead one week each, which is how it used to be. Some of us have memories of when we used to meet in the old School Room in Well Street and we sat on long, hard forms although thankfully they did have a back rest, the room would be full. It is a good that it still continues and gives us time to share thoughts with our friends in the other denominations of the area.


The Little Lambs group returned to the Gott Hall in January in wild, wet, wintry conditions and Lynn and the team were inspired to consider a seasonal feature which the children always like to think about, but rarely see in Par. So, for several weeks, they enjoyed the idea of snow, creating pictures of homes in the snow, penguins and polar bears in the snow and listening to stories about people and animals in the snow.

On the morning of Shrove Tuesday, the children enjoyed an opportunity to knead play pastry, ready to roll and cut with a variety of cutters, into the shapes of their choice. Later, during the course of the morning they took part in a pancake walk from one end of the Gott Hall to the other and back again. Some attempted to toss their pancake, successfully catching it in the frying pan. Some were triumphant. Having successfully tossed the pancake onto the floor they carefully returned it to the pan, still in one piece!

I am please to report that all the pancakes which were eaten on Shrove Tuesday, were freshly served in hygienic conditions and eaten at the dining tables provided for the occasion!

Fr David, kindly interrupted a very busy schedule, to join Little Lambs for a short time on Shrove Tuesday. Unfortunately, he was unable to stay to take part in the pancake walk but he had already enjoyed pancakes for breakfast which was I imagine, a consolation to him!

Recently, the group have been thinking about new life in spring time and in the coming weeks will be planting seeds, which the children will nurture at home.

On April 4th, the last day of term, the children will decorate biscuits for Easter and take them home in Easter presentation bags to gift to someone or share with someone special. The group will return for the summer term on April 25th.

The Quiz Evening held this month was another hilarious evening, with the Gott Hall almost audibly ticking with brains, as people who just knew the answers, frantically tried to extricate them from the depths. It was Di Osborne’s last Quiz Evening which everyone found sad, but this did not take from the fun everyone had during the evening. The laughter and the team names chosen showed the good spirits of those taking part.


The “Barber Shop Quartet” could have given us a rendering of their musical talent, was some there some shared between them, I don't know! We had “Jems”, “The Revs”, I wonder who they were, “The Late Arrivals”, no prizes for guessing who they were, “Retirement makes you free”, “The Lancashire Mix-Ups”, emmets maybe? and “Hotspurs”, could they be football or horse riding fanatics. Nature seemed to be the most popular source of names, “Easter Bunnies”, “March”, “Old Crafty Hens”, “Goosed”, “R & Bees”. One team was called “Over Heard in Par”. “That is plagiarism”, I informed them but they still kept the name.

The evening ended with “Goosed” pipping the “Old Crafty Hens” to the post on the tie break question with “The Wassailers” coming third.


Prizes were presented to the winners and Joy Romary thanked Di for the work she had put in over the years she has been arranging the Quiz and said she thought Di’s motto throughout had been similar to the BBC saying it was “to inform, educate and entertain”, and we certainly have been informed, educated and entertained. Of course the BBC logo used to include the words “Nation shall speak peace unto nation”. Joy also said, tongue in cheek, “Perhaps we should try to remember that whilst fighting each other tooth and nail to win the valuable prizes and of course that trophy” (a very small gold coloured plastic cup!) Di has always put a lot of research and thought into her questions and organised the whole event for which we could not adequately express appreciation but everyone signed a card and Joy presented her with a pretty plant.


Everyone left happy while the Gott Hall was left with the lingering smell of the Fish and Chips that everyone had enjoyed, thanks to Ian Dingle and his staff at Vals Plaice. A huge Thank You to Di for many wonderful evenings.


The Parish Magazine this month reached the 500th Edition. The Magazine was the inspiration of Fr Robert May in 1975. The Reverend Derek Waldron ended his letter in the first copy saying “…...I am very happy to welcome the magazine in the parish and to express my thanks to Fr May who is doing most of the work of production. May God bless our endeavours for His service in this place”.


Sadly Fr Derek Waldron never lived to see a year of publication as he died during 1975, but his prayers were answered as we certainly have been blessed as here we are 42 years later still producing the Par Parish Magazine.